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including Alwyne George Neville Ogden's letter to George Yeh and Aron Shai (help for Michael Kennedy) Winifred Dyett (compensation claim) of Lowden (family news) Y K Pao (acknowledging congratulations) Gertrude (family news) Wilfred Pennell (reminiscences, future plans, 4 letters) C S Wang (translation of Chinese characters on vase) Peggy Terry (thanks for visit) Leo [Handley Derry] (lists of pictures with 1 photograph) Bill Talbot (family news) Edith Joly (family news) Katherine Lowe (family news) E Town Jones (change of doctor, 3 letters) Peter McFeat (future of Scotland) David Scott (family news) Margot [Bridge] (photograph of the Gordon Hall) John Macauley (help with pension) Victor Funnell (Tibet) Alan Reid (travel on the Yangtze) Henry Carter (reminiscences) Doris Kinlock (visit to Hong Kong) Isobel [Buck] (acknowledging condolences) Nicole Grey (travel plans).

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