Performance Scripts

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A selection of performance script's from the archive of the Society's performances.

La Belle Helene: Playwright (Phil Park)

Bitter Sweet: Playwright (Noel Coward)

The Vagabond King: Playwright (W. H. Post)

Balalaika: Playwright (Eric Maschuwitz)

Masquerade: Playwright (Eric Maschuwitz)

The King and I: Playwright (Oscar Hammerstein II)

Carousel: Playwright (Oscar Hammerstein II)

The Dubarry: Playwright (Eric Maschuwitz)

The Desert Song: Playwright (Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II)

The Street Singer: Playwright (Fredrick Lonsdale)

The Three Musketeers: Playwright (William A. McGuire)

The Lisbon Story: Playwright (Harold Purcell)

Princess Ju Ju: Playwright (Clementine Ward)

Lolanthe: Playwright (W. S. Gilbet and Arthur Sullivan)

The Gondoliers: Playwright (W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan)

Merrie England: Playwright (Basil Hood)

The Rebel Maid: Playwright (Alexander Thompson)

Sylvia's Lovers: Playwright (Bernard Rolt)

Tom Jones: Playwright (C. H. Taylor)

The Desert Song: Playwright (Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II and Frank Mandel)

A Manchu Maid: Playwright (Ernest Woodhead)

The Golden Book: Playwright (Ernest Woodhead)

The Sam?sings: Playwright (Ernest Woodhead)

A Royal Jest: Playwright (Ernest Woodhead, A. A. Lodge, J. V. Rothery)

The Pink Elephant: Playwright (Ernest Woodhead)

A Country Girl: Playwright (James T. Tanner)

Mack and Mabel: Playwright (Michael Stewart)

Ellis, Vivian. 1948. "Bless the Bride." London: Samuel French

Wright, Robert and George Forrest. 1953. "Kismet (A Musical Arabian Night)." London: Frank Music Co. Ltd.

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