Folder of miscellaneous photographs and other items relating to the Pioneer Players

Scope and Content

Mainly extracted from the scrapbook at U DX295/1. The photocopies and 2007 article were added to the collection by the depositor at a later date than the original accession.

The items consist of:

1). Packet of loose small photographs and negatives (21 photos, 3 negatives). Early-mid 20th century. The photos in this packet appear to have been taken at different times and by different photographers, and many appear to have been taken at Smallhythe Place. Most of them are uncaptioned, and show women, children, the house, or landscape. One appears to have been taken from an upstairs window and shows a group of people in costume on a lawn. The photos which are captioned are:

a photo of a woman in a field holding a rake, captioned "Chris"

a photo of a small boy holding a cricket bat [at Smallhythe?] captioned Kit Nicholson

a photo of part of the exterior of Smallhythe Place captioned "1946 - August by Torben Knudsen".

2). Envelope labelled "Pioneers etc." Early-mid 20th century. Containing:

a printed photo of the Barn Theatre, Smallhythe, with outline directions

news cuttings relating to Ellen Terry, Gertrude Kingston, and Margaret Nybloc

further photos (6) from the set described in 1) above, showing women, children, and Smallhythe Place.

3). Envelope of press cuttings relating to Edith Craig and the Pioneer Players, and pictures of actors and actresses cut from publications. Early-mid 20th century. Pictures include Gertrude Kingston; Agnes Thomas; Mrs Cecil Raleigh; Marie Sherlock; Yvonne Fitzroy; Edyth Olive; Nigel Playfair; Ethel Levey; Margaret Hallstan; Irene Hentschel; the Washington Square Players; Elizabeth Kirby; Lilian Braithwaite; Mona Limerick.

4). Photograph of a woman inscribed "Edith from Edy".

5). Loose press cuttings (1915-1938) relating to Ellen Terry, Edith Craig, Smallhythe Place and the Pioneer Players.

6). Later material: late 20th-century copies (photocopies or prints from microfilm) of an article from the Daily Mirror, 1915, including a photo of Ellen Terry acting with a bandaged eye; photocopy of a Pioneer Players playbill (c.1915); cutting from the National Trust magazine, "Barn Theatre in the spotlight", January 2007.

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