Miscellaneous and unpublished manuscripts

Scope and Content

The series consists of manuscripts which were submitted to CQ but which were never published. Some of them were rejected immediately although a small number subsequently reached proof stage and have therefore been marked up for printing. The manuscripts include poetry, short fiction, critical articles and book reviews. A small quantity of the poetry and short fiction was submitted for review rather than publication, but was also rejected by the CQ editors. All the material is typescript.


This series is a composite one, largely created from the mass of rather disorderly papers dating from the mid-late 1980s, many of which had been arranged into folders and clearly marked as rejected contributions. Some of the material survives from an earlier period. The material has been arranged into bundles according to genre and within these alphabetically by author, with anonymous pieces at the beginning of the sequence. Some of the submissions dating from the 1980s include a pencilled reference number added by CQ editorial staff: this consists of the year of submission, with an additional number, presumably denoting the order in which contributions were received each year. Where these notes are included, the date has been given below.

Appraisal Information

During the mid-late 1980s, CQ editorial policy dictated that unsolicited critical articles were not considered for publication in the journal. This series contains a number of critical essays dating from this period which were obviously rejected by the CQ editors. If the author did not enclose a stamp, rejected articles were generally kept for a period of time before being disposed of. Most of the articles here have presumably survived by accident, or because the CQ papers at this time became rather disorderly. Most of the articles have been retained here, except in those few instances where manuscripts bore a note stating that they were being rejected but the author had not enclosed a stamp. These would normally have been disposed of by CQ after a short time. The articles which have been disposed of are as follows: Kenneth C. Bennett, 'The Sonances of Richard II'; Godwin O. Uwah, 'Samuel Beckett's Drama: From Myth to Ritual', and 'Waiting and Disenchantment in Contemporary Francophone African Fiction'; Robert Arlett, 'Doris Lessing's Dialectical Epic'; and Charlotte Rotkin, 'Oceanic Animals: Allegory in Death in Venice'.