Papers relating to Critical Quarterly finances and subscriptions

Scope and Content

This subgroup contains the surviving financial papers of CQ. The journal's finances, particularly during the late 1960s and 1970s, are well-documented in these records. Of particular significance are the summary account books, detailing all income and expenditure during the years 1967-1979. Annual audited accounts are included in the series of financial statements, which also include the company directors' reports for each year. The accounts files provide a more detailed and informal history of the journal's financial fortunes and include extensive correspondence between Brian Cox and CQ's accountants. There is also a small quantity of material relating to CQ subscribers, which focuses largely on payments owed and made.


Some of the financial records fell into obvious series and had been stored together by CQ staff; other series are composite in nature and have been brought together by the archivist.

The subgroup is arranged into seven series as follows:

  • CQA3/1 Account books
  • CQA3/2 Financial statements
  • CQA3/3 Accounts files
  • CQA3/4 Cheque book stubs
  • CQA3/5 Bank statements and related papers
  • CQA3/6 Records relating to subscriptions and bankers' orders
  • CQA3/7 Miscellaneous bills and receipts

Appraisal Information

Certain items which fall into the category of financial records have been disposed of after appraisal by the archivist. A series of paying-in books recording payments of money into the CQ bank account have been disposed of, as this information is recorded either in the account books (up to 1979) or in the bank statements (after this date). Some bank statements have also been disposed of: see CQA3/5 for details.