General correspondence files

Scope and Content

The bulk of this series (CQA1/2/1-6) is comprised of a sequence of files designated General Correspondence. Although the letters date from a similar period to those in the writers' files in CQA1/1 (predominantly the late 1960s to 1984), the correspondents represented here were not allocated separate files of their own. The correspondence is, however, arranged alphabetically within each file, and correspondence with the same writer is bundled together; there is also some overlap with individuals represented in CQA1/1. Correspondents are principally contributors or prospective contributors to CQ (mostly critics and poets), and the letters largely relate to the submission of poems, reviews and articles to the journal, often with Brian Cox's response to these. Some of the writers also discuss their own work, and refer to conferences or other activities. A small number of typescript poems or articles are included. There is also a small amount of material of a more business-oriented nature, such as: correspondence with other publishers and organizations relating to copyright permissions; a small amount of material relating to the Black Papers; and letters relating to the advertising of other publications in CQ. Most of the correspondence on CQ's part is carried out by Brian Cox, although there is a small amount of correspondence with A.E. Dyson and other CQ personnel such as John Banks, who acted as editor during 1979-80.

In addition to the files described above, there is one general correspondence file dating from the 1960s which is arranged chronologically (CQA1/2/7) and a further bundle of papers which Brian Cox had stored with his own archive, but which relates entirely to CQ matters and has therefore been moved to the main CQ Archive (CQA1/2/8).

In the lists below, a correspondent's name denotes that he or she is represented by either an incoming letter or a series of correspondence unless otherwise stated.