A Grammar of Azerbaijan Turkish

Scope and Content

"A Grammar of Azerbaijan Turkish" - an unpublished manuscript in which Tandy sets out in chapters what he has learnt about the language. The manuscript consists of 46 foolscap pages. With the manuscript are two letters. The first, unsigned, is to General Sir John Shea, c/o The Royal central Asian Society, to send this grammar which he believes is the only English language grammar of Azerbaijani Tartar or Turki. It was compiled in 1940 when Tandy was in Meshed and he hopes that it may be of interest to some member of the Royal Central Asian Society or, possibly, to the War Office.
The second letter is from R.O. Wingate, Secretary of the Royal Central Asian Society, to Major Tandy replying in the absence of Sir John Shea. He thanks Tandy for the Grammar and expresses that it is being kept in the rooms of the Society for use by its members and that the Secretary has found it interesting reading. This letter is dated 31 July 1946.