Manchester Joint Research Council Minutes

Scope and Content

Agendas and signed minutes, including a special meeting of the MJRC. Notes on 'Application of Science to Industry' by C.G. Renold. Correspondence and programmes for the Federation of British Industries conference on 'Industry and Research'. Correspondence and programme for the MJRC conference, 'Research and the Smaller Firm', with pamphlets of papers, 'Internal Organisation for the Application of Research', given by C.G. Renold, Director of the Renold and Coventry Chain Company Ltd.; 'Technical Service – The Vital Link between the Producer and the Consumer', by Cecil J.T. Cronshaw, a Director of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.; 'Existing and Potential Facilities for "Research’, by Dr. F. C. Toy, Director of the British Cotton Industry Research Association. Correspondence and summary of replies received to the questionnaire 'Employment of Graduates in Industry'.