Manchester Joint Research Council Minutes

Scope and Content

Agenda, signed minutes, correspondence and reports. Includes the minute of the inaugural meeting of the MJRC, with draft constitution, draft press release and texts of communications from MJRC committee members regarding the inaugural meeting. An extract from minutes on the, 'Future Activities of the Council'. Notes on the MRJC Information Service. Notes from Sir Ernest Simon, chairman of the Council of Manchester University, with a copy of the speech given by him to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. Copy of letter from the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR) regarding the MJRC and the provision of research on mechanical engineering. Papers regarding the appointment of A.D. Butchart as executive officer of the MJRC. Copy of a 'Report on Visit to DSIR (Mr. O.F. Brown)'. Comprehensive reply to a letter concerning facilities for 'Mechanical Engineering Research' from O.F. Brown of the DSIR. Press release for the first Annual Meeting of the MJRC.