Correspondence file

Scope and Content

Correspondence concerning: MJRC visits to The Wallpaper, wall paper Manufacturers Ltd., Darwen, the Renold and Coventry Chain Company, Didsbury, Metropolitan - Vickers Electrical Co. Limited, and Imperial Chemical Industries Limited, Blackley; the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Sir John Anderson's visit and lecture to the Council; the Committee on Mechanical Engineering, and its Report; a 'Catalysts and Polymerisation' conference; Professor Polanyi’s proposed symposium on Bond Energies, 'Polymerisation and Isomerisation'; a conference on the 'Nature and Use of Market Research'; links with German industry; the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee; ; Post War Industrial Reconstruction Group funding; 'Research and the Smaller Firm'; conference report; and the 'Detergency by Supersonic Vibration' study enquiry.

Former reference: GNBA/17/194-420.