Miscellaneous Documents

Scope and Content

Letter concerning the MJRC and United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority's lectures to schools and the exhibition on 'Atomic Energy'. Notes on 'The Supply, Recruitment and Use of Scientists and Technologists'. Notes on the 'Future Policy of the Council'. Notes on the work of the MJRC by G.N. Burkhardt. Confidential notes on 'Long Term Planning'. Papers relating to the appointment of an executive officer. Comment on 'Industry and Science' by W. F. Carey. Note regarding the grant to the MJRC’s Technical and Advisory Service by the Department of Science and Industrial Research (DSIR). Draft report on 'Sources of Scientific and Technical Information Available to Local Industry'. Correspondence regarding the conference, 'Fuel and Power in British Industry'. Letter regarding a forthcoming address to the MJRC, 'Radioisotopes: Their use in Industry' by Mr. W.G. Busbridge. Notes on a discussion on the relationship between the Council and the DSIR. Correspondence regarding a DSIR grant to the Technical Information Service. Correspondence and draft programme for the symposium, 'Management and Productivity'. Note and correspondence regarding the intention of the DSIR to create other Industrial Liaison Centres, and the possible impact on the MJRC. Manuscript list of MJRC members from 1959 onwards. Report "The MJRC Since 1957".

Former reference: GNBA/21/140-239.