Manchester Joint Research Council Minutes

Scope and Content

Manchester Joint Research Council annual and quarterly reports summarising the activities of the Council.

Former reference: GNBA/19/1-410 [for items JRC/1/6-10].


The minutes were not accumulated as a single series. JRC/1/1-5 which date from 1944-1948 were originally maintained by William Mansfield Cooper, the University of Manchester's honorary secretary on the MJRC. These appear to be "official" minutes, and were retained by Cooper after he became University vice-chancellor, and were kept with the vice-chancellor's files. The other parts of this series (6-10) were maintained by George Burkhardt, Cooper's successor as honorary secretary. Some of these minutes are signed, although it cannot be said for certain whether these were considered the "official" minutes. Burkhardt did not rearrange the two sets of minutes into one series, and the archival arrangement respects this separation. Not all the minutes are signed.