File. 'Correspondence between John Norton - Smith and Philip Larkin from 1964 - 1985'

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a) Colour photograph. J. Norton - Smith, Sonja Airley [?], and Philip Larkin, February 1967

b) Autograph letters (18), typed letters (16), dated Christmas cards (5), undated Christmas cards (6) and postcards (2) from Larkin to John Norton - Smith, 27 April 1964 - 26 February 1984

c) Signed off - print. 'Palgrave's last anthology: A.E. Housman's copy', by Philip Larkin, 'The Review of English Studies', new series, volume XXII no. 87, pp.312 - 316, August 1971

d) Press cutting. 'Dockery and son', by Philip Larkin, from 'The Listener'. annotated by J. Norton - Smith, 11 April 1963

e) Photocopy. 'The life with the hole in it', by Philip Larkin, from the Poetry Book Society Supplement, December 1974

f) Typed notes. 'The whys and wherefores of revivalism' (discussion between J. Norton - Smith and Philip Larkin on the subject of jazz music), no date

g) Autograph poem. 'John Norton - Smith's elegy on Larkin', [December 1985?]

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