Calendar: Autographs of Authors and Missionaries

Scope and Content

Numerical calendars of alphabetically arranged autograph letters and engravings etc. in the Raffles collections of autographs of Authors, and also in the collection of autographs of Missionaries (not alphabetical). Coverage is as follows: 

  • I (Eng MS 393) covers Authors A to Cla (Eng MSS 372-375);
  • II (Eng MS 394) covers Authors Cle to Fle (Eng MSS 375-376);
  • III (Eng MS 395) covers Authors Fle to Hon (Eng MSS 376-378);
  • IV (Eng MS 396) covers Authors Hon to Lus (Eng MSS 378-380);
  • V (Eng MS 397) covers Authors Lus to Pat (Eng MSS 380-382);
  • VI (Eng MS 398) covers Authors Pat to Spi (Eng MSS 382-384);
  • VII (Eng MS 399) covers Authors Spr to Y (Eng MSS 384-386) and Missionaries (Eng MS 387).

English MSS 395, 396, 397 and 399 have been dated by A.M. Cooke from 6 February 1896 to 26 July 1897.