James Taverner 'An Essay upon the Witham Spa'

Scope and Content

James Taverner, MB, late of Clare-Hall, Cambridge. 'An Essay upon the Witham Spa. Or, a brief Enquiry into the Nature, Virtues, and Uses of a Mineral Chalybeate Water at Witham in Essex. Wherin The Mineral Substances through which it passes, and the Impregnating Principles thereof are distinctly considered; the Water itself Analytically examined; and its several Component Parts, with their Effects upon a Human Body, separately demonstrated: From whence the Nature of the Spa, and its Excellency in many Diseases, are consequently deduced.' (London, 1737). Dedicated to Dr John Hollings, One of the Physicians in Ordinary to His Majesty, and Fellow of the Royal Society.

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