William Oliver 'A Practical Dissertation on Bath Waters'

Scope and Content

William Oliver, MD, Fellow of the Royal Society, and of the College of Physicians, London. 'A Practical Dissertation on Bath Waters. I. Of the Antiquity of Bath and its Waters. II. The Origine of Springs. III. Of the Ingredients in the Waters. IV. The Cause of their Heat. V. Of Drinking the Waters and Bathing, and Directions in Both. VI. Of the Virtues of Bath Waters in particular. VII. That they are of great Use in Gout. VIII. That they are extraordinary good in Women’s and Children’s Cases. IX. That the City of Bath is very healthy. X. Of Cold Bathing. To which is added, A Relation of a very Extraordinary Sleeper near Bath.' (London, 1707). Dedicated to the Queen.

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