William Coward 'Hydro-Sidereon'

Scope and Content

W.C. [William Coward], 'Hydro-Sidereon: or, a Treatise of Ferruginous-Waters, especially The Ipswich-Spaw: being An Excellent Spring of that Nature There lately Discovered: with The Vast Differences of such Mineral-Waters, And their proper Medicinal Uses in various Diseases, Grounded on Several Curious Experiments, and Nice Observations; Never before made: With a Plain Demonstration also of the Great Vanity and Folly in Buying, and Cheats in Selling German-Spaw-Water in England. N.B. To this Ipswich-Spaw adjoins a very Convenient Cold-Bath.' (London, 1717). Dedicated to John Bateman, MD, and President, Censors and Members of the Royal College of Physicians in London.

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