Letter from Prince Priest Jinawarawansa to William Claxton Peppé, 6 August 1898

Scope and Content

Letter from Prince Priest Jinawarawansa in Bankipore to William Claxton Peppé in Birdpore, in which he acknowledges Peppé's letter of 29th. He deplores the failure to count the number of bone relics now out of Peppé's possession but as they are to be offered to the King of Siam, he is satisfied with the result of his mission. He does not mind who takes the relics to Siam so long as the King is recognised as having first claim to them 'as the head of the Buddhist religion'. He knows that Peppé has been allowed to retain a number of duplicates and ask if he can have one of the Buddhist crosses and one or two of the flowers as well as one trident and offers in exchange anything from Siam or Ceylon 'you may consider equivalent'. Handwritten, 2 sides, dated 6 August 1898.