Scope and Content

Assignment, 19 Sep 1883.

(i) Margaret Jones of Coch y big, parish of Clynnog, co.Caer., widow.

(ii) Nathaniel Morris of the Post Office, village and parish of Ysceifiog, co.Flint, shopkeeper.

(iii) Joseph Crowther Smith of Wolverhampton, co. Stafford, gent and Arthur Joel Smith of Tipton, co..Stafford, gent.

(i) assigns to (iii) mortgage in £450 affecting 3 (formerly 2) cottages, dwelling house, shop, warehouse and stable in village and parish of Ysceifiog. Covenant by (ii) to pay (iii) £450.

Consideration: £300 to (i) from (iii), £150 to (ii) from (iii).

Assignment, 14 Jun 1887.

(i) The above Arthur Joel Smith.

(ii) The said Arthur Joel Smith and William Joseph Smith of Walsall, co.Stafford, gent.

The above mortgage in £450.

Assignment, 18 Dec 1889.

(i) The above Arthur Joel Smith and William Joseph Smith.

(ii) William Growther Davies of Claverley, co.Salop, gent.

The above mortgage in £450.


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