Envelopes (2). United States of America

Scope and Content

Photographs of political protests, including anti-Vietnam War demonstrations; AJ Muste's protest on Hiroshima Day, 1963; sea action against Polaris, Connecticut, February 1961; demonstrations during United Nations Special Session on Disarmament, 1982; blockades of trains carrying nuclear weapons, February 1984; anti-Trident protests by Pacific Life Community, August 1977, and at Groton, Connecticut, November 1981; demonstrations by Livermore Action Group, 1982 - 1983; Almeda women's peace camp, Oakland, July 1984; protests against US military aid to El Salvador, 1982 - 1983; Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day, San Francisco, June 1986; Abalone Alliance protest at Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant, February 1984; Committee Against Registration and the Draft, San Diego, July 1982, with press release; vigil at Kirtland airforce base, May 1987; arrest of passive resister, New York, June 1984; postcard, 'Hell no, we won't glow!', 1979