Envelope. Committee of 100

Scope and Content

Photographs of demonstrations and C100 members, including sitdown, London, April 1961; arrests during protest against nuclear testing, April 1962; Scottish C100 demonstration at Holy Loch, June 1962; individual activists, including Richard Headicar, Ian Dixon, Terry Chandler, Trevor Hatton, Pat Pottle, Michael Randle, Helen Allegranza, Christine Farr and Desmond Lock; demonstration at RSG-6 bunker during Aldermaston March, Easter 1963; Mike Kane and Stan Banks departing for Greece to join peace march, Easter 1963; C100 convoy to Greece held up at Austrian border, 1963; South West C100 demonstration, Salcombe, June 1963; C100 Christian Group attending church service on Foulness Island, Easter 1965; mock burial of the Labour Party on Scarborough beach, October 1967; West C100 demonstration, no date. Including sheets of contact prints