Envelopes (2). West Germany and West Berlin

Archive Unit

Scope and Content

Photographs of anti-nuclear, anti-Vietnam War and anti-Soviet demonstrations in Frankfurt, Berlin and Dusseldorf; protests outside National Democratic Party conventions; sit-in at West Berlin university; Willi Brandt at Berlin Wall; students arrested for Humphrey plot; opening of Berlin Wall, November 1989; protests against third runway at Frankfurt airport, early 1980s; blockades and demonstrations against nuclear weapons and nuclear power in Brokdorf, February 1981, Grossengstingen, August 1982, Nuremberg, December 1982, Heilbronn, August 1987 and Geilenkirchen, September 1987; blockade of tanks in Grebenhain, September 1984; press hut for peace camp at Mutlangen base, August 1987; human chain after END convention, Berlin, May 1983; pro American rally, Fulda, September 1984