Bound Collections

Scope and Content

Coincidence Setting Shear (C.S.S.) equipment, n.d.
Micromeasurement System, n.d.
Stages, mask and wafer carriers, n.d.
M69 Stereoscopic microscope, n.d.
M75 Polarizing Microscopes, n.d.
M85a Scanning Microdenstiometer, n.d.
M88 Rapid Fibre Counter, VM88/1 (1980)
Microscopes, Microdensitometers and Metallurgical Equipment, Inst/Gen/A (1980)
Union General Catalog, n.d.
Union ST-250 Microscope
Strain Gauge Image Shearing Module, SG/ISM/A (1979)
M75 Laboratory and Teaching microscope, VM75/BIO/1 (1979)
M16 Student microscope, VM16/A (1979)
M41 Photoplan Microscope, VM41/C (1979)
M12a Metallurgical Microscope, VM12a/1 (1978)
M14a Microscope, n.d.
M15c Microscope, VM15C/D (1978)
Vickers Microscopes, VM/ENV/1 (1978)
M41 Image Shearing Measuring Microscope, M41/ISM/1 (1978)
M17 Laboratory Microscope, VM172ab/A (1978)
M17 Series Microscopes, VM17/1 (1977)
M17 Fluorescence Microscopes, VM17FLUO/1 (1978)
M17 Polarizing Microscopes, VM17Pol/1 (1978)
Nachet NS50 Zoom Stereomicroscope, NS50/1 (1978)
M69 Stereoscopic Microscope, VM69/B (1974)
M69 Stereoscopic Microscope, VM69/C (1978)
M70b Polarizing Microscope, VM70b/2
M72C Polarizing Microscope, VM72c/A (1975)
M70a Polarizing Microscope, VM70a/6 (1976)
M72c Polarizing Microscope, VM72c/G1 (1978)
M85/86 Systems for Quantative Microscopy, M85/86 Sup.1 (1973)
M86 Scanning Micro-interferometer and Microdensitometer, VM86/1 (1975)
M85 Scanning Microdensitometer, VM85/3 (1975)
Optics for the Microscope, VO/1 (1974)
Attachment Cameras for the Microscope, VCAM/2 (1973)
Vickers/IRD Laser Systems (1972)

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