Bound Collections

Scope and Content

Attachment Cameras for the microscope, VCAM/1 (1971)
Camera Equipment for Microscopes, VCAM/1 (1966)
100x Microplan Flat Field Objective, VOG/1 (1968)
Optics for the Microscope, VO/1, n.d.
Image Splitting Eyepiece, Leaflet CMO1/B (1964)
Image Splitting Module, VISM/1 (1971)
Image Splitting Eyepiece and Adjustable Gauging Unit, VISE/A (1969)
Phase Contrast Equipment, VPH/1 (1967)
Microscope Lamps, VML/1 (1965)
J33 Automatic Biological Assay Equipment, VJ33/A (1970)
J13 Haemoglobinometer, VJ13/A (1968)
Automatic Biological Assay Apparatus, CE1000/A (1964)
Electro-Mechanical Air Valve Unit, CE1014-16/A (1964)
Struers Lectropol Electropolisher, LECTO.eng.10M.8.69
Optics for the Microscope, VO/1 (1974)
Graticules and Ruled Screens, CM.GRAT (1963)
Struers Price List Metallurgical Equipment (1964)
Struers Metallography, n.d.

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