Bound Collections

Scope and Content

VI UK-1301 Rollscope Model RMM600 (Jan. 1980)
VI UK-1302 Rollscope Model RMP600 (Jan. 1980)
VI Borescope (Feb. 1980)
VI UK-3001 Versamet Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (Feb. 1980)
VI UK-1104 MEC3 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (Jan. 1978)
VI US-1107 Measuring Microscope (April 1980)
VI Unimet Inverted Metallurgical Microscopes (Feb. 1980)
M69 Stereoscopic Microscope (Aug. 1980)
M85a Scanning and Integrating Microdensitometer (Aug. 1980)
M88 Rapid Fibre Counter (June 1980)
M75 Laboratory and Teaching Microscope (Jan. 1980)
M16 Series Microscope (Jan. 1980)
NS400 Universal Microscope (Jan. 1979)
NS Series Stereomicroscopes (Jan. 1979)
VI Inspection/Image Shearing Measuring Microscope, M41/ISM/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
M69 Stereoscopic Microscope, M69/A (Nov. 1979)
M70a & M70b Polarizing Microscope, M70a/b/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
M72C Polarizing Microscope, M72/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
M86 Combined Scanning Interometer and Densitometer and M85 Scanning Microdensitometer, PL1 (Nov. 1979)
Optics for the Microscope, VO/PL1 (Nov. 1978)
M17 Microscope, M17/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
Microscopes for Particle Counting and Identification, VM/ENV PL1 (Nov. 1970)
M12A Microscope, M12A/1 (Nov. 1979)
M14A Microscope, M14A/PL1 (Nov. 1978)
M15C Microscope, M15C/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
M17 Laboratory Microscope, M17LAB/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
M17 Polarizing Microscope, M17/POL/1 (Nov. 1979)
M41 Photoplan, M41/PL1 (Nov. 1979)
VI US-4001 Mini Projector (Jan. 1978)
VI Borescopes (Jan. 1978)
VI UK-1301 Rollscope Model RMM600 (Jan. 1978)
VI UK-1001 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Model NUM (Jan. 1978)
VI UK-3001 Versamet Inverted Metallurgical Microscope (Jan. 1978)
VI-1104 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Model MEC3 (Jan. 1978)
VI UK-1102 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope Model MEC5B1 (Jan. 1978)
VI UK-1302 Rollscope Model RMP600 (Jan. 1978)

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