"Sundry historical matter of considerable general interest"

Scope and Content

Folder containing newspaper articles about Rommel, 1942, 1950 and 1953, including 'Auchinleck beat Rommel twice', by O'Gowan, Picture Post 1 Apr 1950, p.43, and articles dealing with Montgomery and Auchinleck; notes on Middle East campaigns, including detailed analysis of strategy, tactics and military and political leaders, especially Churchill, 1941-1942; relations between Whitehall and Washington, 1941-1942; Australian and New Zealand forces in the Middle East, 1940-1942; correspondence with Lieutenant-General Fritz Bayerlein, Rommel's biographer and Afrika Korps Chief of Staff.

Prepared for possible U.S.A. publication. Loaned to John Connell Robertson for Auchinleck.

Typed; some maps; handwritten notes; newspaper cuttings.