"History - Auchinleck"

Scope and Content

Folder containing correspondence between O'Gowan, the Daily Telegraph, the Times, the Guardian, the New Statesman, the Scotsman, the Irish Times, Basil Liddell Hart and Field-Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck about Montgomery's Memoirs and Connell Robertson's Auchinleck; extracts from and reviews of the Montgomery memoirs from several British and Irish newspapers; correspondence concerning O'Gowan's review of The Somme, by Lieutenant Colonel A.H. Farrar-Hockley; correspondence between O'Gowan, Lieutenant-General Brian Horrocks and the Sunday Times relating to an article by Horrocks, 20 Jul 1958; correspondence between O'Gowan and Sir Colin Coote, editor of the Daily Telegraph, regarding the composition of Montgomery's obituary.

Typed; handwritten; newspaper cuttings and magazines.