Correspondence concerning O'Gowan's military papers

Scope and Content

Folder containing correspondence between O'Gowan, Dr. F.W. Ratcliffe, Librarian, University of Manchester, Major M.R. Elliott-Bateman, Lecturer in the Department of Government, University of Manchester, and Professor M.R.D. Foot, Department of History, University of Manchester, relating to the transfer of the O'Gowan papers to the Library of the University of Manchester, and their importance to the Library; summary of their contents, and of O'Gowan's career; material relating to O'Gowan's attempt to correct what he saw as the misrepresentation of events in North Africa, 1940-1942, much of it detailed, including O'Gowan's opinion of others and their publications, and the views of historians about him; newspaper cutting covering the deposit of the papers at the University Library; newspaper cutting of Basil Liddell Hart's obituary for O'Gowan; photocopy of Captain J.J. Kelly, 'The chink in the armour', An CosantóirAugust 1968, pp.235-43.

Typed or printed; some handwritten.