"Personal account - sundry drafts"

Scope and Content

Folder containing personal memories of campaigns in the Middle East, 1940-1942, especially two campaigns in Western Cyrenaica (Apr 1941 and Jan 1942), operations Battleaxe and Crusader (1941-1942), and the battle of El Alamein (Jul 1942); these papers include Dorman-Smith's detailed appreciation of the organisation, strategy and tactics employed by both sides in the Desert War, the importance of North Africa in British grand strategy, the circumstances of the removal of Dorman-Smith and Auchinleck in Aug 1942, Churchill's role and Montgomery's approach in the Desert War, the use made of Dorman-Smith's ideas after his removal, and what he saw as attempts to prevent himself and Auchinleck from holding responsible positions subsequently despite their vital contribution to the war.

Some of the material in this file is duplicated, but has been retained because of slight differences in content and context, which seem to reflect a process of drafting.

Typed; handwritten notes; maps.