Edward Upward: Correspondence (Letters to Shirley Munro)

Scope and Content

46 personal letters to Shirley Munro, addressed as 'Jane'.

'Jane' is identified as Shirley Munro by Alan Walker, 'Edward Upward in the Nineteen-Thirties' (2003), a copy of which is in Add MS 89002/5/5.

The file comprises:

  • 5 dated letters (31 October 1932; 2 May 1933; 21 January 1934; 3 September 1935; 5 January 1937);
  • 36 letters dated by only the day of the week, or otherwise incompletely dated;
  • 2 letter fragments with portions cut away;
  • 1 letter addressed to 'Shirley';
  • 1 letter addressed to 'My dear Brother' from 'your devoted Sister Edward';
  • and 1 letter addressed to 'My lovely Sister'.

One of the thirty-six incompletely dated letters is a poem beginning: 'My lovely sister, my lovely brother, / Wonderful chameleon, daughter, mother, / Exhauster of all the relationships, / Giver of joys and scourger with whips, / Or, if you prefer it, simply Jane - / Now that we're meeting on Wednesday again / What's going to happen?'

The is a single additional letter, of much later date, from 'Jane' to Upward, occasioned by the publication of In the Thirties (1962). It is with Upward's journal for the year, Add MS 89002/1/31.

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