Edward Upward: Various Post-War Publications by the Communist Party

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A small collection of publications, with annotations, originally retained by Upward with the papers that comprise Add MS 89002/3/11. Upward has included a photocopy of the 'end notes' to an essay on his work of much later date (author not indicated) that identifies fictional characters in The Spiral Ascent (e.g. 'throughout the novel Harry Pollitt is referred to as Jimmy McNarney').

1. Harry Pollitt, How to Win the Peace. 2nd edition. London: The Communist Party, September 1944. 96 pp. With passages marked in pencil. Cover detached and lower portion of front cover missing.

2. Emile Burns, 'Winning the Peace: The Communist View of the Post-War World'. Pamphlet (12 pp.) without date. 'A syllabus based on How to Win the Peace, by Harry Pollitt'. Two passages marked in the margin.

3. Harry Pollitt, Looking Ahead. London: The Communist Party, August 1947. 128 pp. With markings and annotations in pencil throughout.

4. Copy of the Communist Review, No. 85 (September 1948). 'Organ of Theory and Practice of the Australian Communist Party'. Not marked. Includes discussion of British Communist Party policy: see 'Letter to the C.P.G.B.' (pp. 270-4), which offers a critique of Looking Ahead, and 'Reply of the C.P.G.B' (pp. 274-8), and 'British C.C.'s Reply Rejected' (pp. 278-83).

5. Harry Pollitt, 'Britain Arise'. Pamphlet, 52 pp. London: The Communist Party, April 1952. Not marked.

6. 'Footnotes' (1 sheet). A photocopy of 'end notes' from an unidentified article that refers specifically to points of correspondence between The Spiral Ascent and the Communist Party and its literature, and cites the author's personal correspondence with Upward.

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