Edward Upward: Notes for talks on politics and history, including 'A Visit to the Soviet Union'

Scope and Content

School exercise book containing notes for several talks by Upward, beginning with a talk that refers to his visit to the U.S.S.R. in 1932 (noting that his visit was 'ten years ago'), and seeks to answer the question: 'What is explanation of amazing strength of present day Russia?'

Other topics addessed are 'Anti-Semitism', 'Fascism', 'Why Learn History?' and 'Russia and Ourselves'.

With the exercise book (originally loose sheets tucked inside) are:

  • further notes on 'Russia and Ourselves' (3 sheets);
  • various amendments to an unidentified document on the subject of Public and Direct Grant Schools (1 sheet);
  • notes entitled 'Second Front' (1 sheet);
  • letter (1944) from Flight Sergeant Charles Smith, discussing poetry matters (4 sheets).

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