Edward Upward: 'The Railway Accident' by Allen Chalmers

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A complete copy of New Directions in Prose and Poetry, Number Eleven (New York 1949), including (pp. 84-116) 'The Railway Accident' by Allen Chalmers [Edward Upward]. The story is published with a 'Foreword' by Christopher Isherwood (pp. 84-5), who refers the reader for background and context to his autobiographical book Lions and Shadows (1938), in which Upward appears as Chalmers.

Upward revised the story for its subsequent British publication (in 1972, and in 1994). However, although the text published in the New Directions volume is a unique version, it was also a revision of the original version which Upward destroyed (c 1952). For further bibliographical information, see the note by Alan Walker to Upward, A Renegade in Springtime: Selected Short Stories (Enitharmon Press, 2003), pp. 195-6. Walker notes: 'The original manuscript of the story featured sexually explicit and violent details which were expurgated for its publication in 1949. This manuscript was later destroyed by Edward Upward, along with those of other Mortmere stories. Some indication of the deleted content is given by Upward in his memoir Christopher Isherwood: Notes in Remembrance of a Friendship (Enitharmon, 1996).'

This volume is annotated by Upward at the head of p. 84: 'Edward Upward / for Alan Walker'.

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