Newspaper Cuttings

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Newspaper cuttings relating to colliery strikes, stoppages of work and sundry matters connected with coal and iron works. Topics include: colliery accidents; colliery developments and liquidations; law cases; and miscellaneous accidents. There are also miscellaneous clippings largely covering waterworks, corporation bills, trade, enterprise and services.

See below for a transcription of an accompanying (partial) index to the volume (please note: page numbers refer to the blue pencil markings within the volume)

Articles relating to Colliery Strikes and Stoppage of Works and Sundry Matters connected with local iron works:

The crisis in the south Wales coal trade, p.1

What the sliding scale has done for collieries, important facts, p.1

Stoppage of the Tredegar Iron works, pp.2-3

Malago Colliery dispute settled, p.6

South Wales Coal Trade Sliding Scale, Meeting & Disputes, pp.7-8

Gwerna Colliery Notice, p.9

Aston Vale Rolling Mills, Probable Stoppage, p.12

Mining Royalties & Wayleaves. Report of the Royal Commission, p.12

Cardiff Coal & the American Liners, p.15

English Coal Strike Radstock, p.24

English Coal Strike, end of strike, p.27

English Coal Strike, end of strike, p.30

South Wales Coal Strike, Coal of the Military, p.34

Sale of Blaenrhondda Collieries, p.33

Dunraven Colliery, p.44

Final Western Colliery Appeal Case, p.46

Miners Meeting at Porth & Living Wage, p.47

Maritime Colliery, p.48

Ocean Coal Co & Treharris Colliery, p.50

Rhymney Iron Co., p.50

Pontyminster Iron Works, p.54

Dowlais Iron Works Output, p.54

English Coal Trade, p.56

Ventilation of South Wales Mines, p.58

Coal Dust Letter from W.Galloway, p.59

Stoppage of collieries at Caerphilly, p.63

Large Coal Contract for Cardiff, p.66

Breach of Coal Mines Act at Blackwood, p.65

South Wales Collieries proposed Public Companies, p.69

Breach of Miners Act at Llanelli, p.69

Claim for damage from Mr Taylor, p.72

Tredegar Iron Company, Reduction of Capital, p.72

Action at Newport by Writhlington Coal Company, p.79

Dispute at Llwynypia, p.79

Treharris Colliery Case, p.82

Blaendare Company v Ebbw Vale Company, p.84

Gloucester Banking Company v Rudry Merthyr Company, p.84

Tapson v Ebbw Vale Iron Company, p.85

Williams v William, p.90

Sale of Argoed Colliery, Blackwood, p.90

Tredegar Iron Company, restarting of works, p.90

Pontyminster Iron Works, Rating of, p.92

Great Western Colliery Relief Fund, p.97

Holmes v Williams, Forest of Dean, p.98

Treharris Colliery Dispute, p.98

Llanerch Explosion Fund, p.98

Sliding Scale. Reduction of Wages, p.100

Sliding Scale Audit, p.101

Sliding Scale Audit (monthly), p.105

Strike at Celynen Colliery, p.111

Mr D. Morgan’s charges against ‘Mabon’, p.111

Strike at Treharris Colliery, p.111

Llanliver Vandre Dispute, p.111

Strike at Treharris, p.113

March of the Men to Merthyr, p.114

Meeting of Cambrian Miners Association, p.116

Treharris Strike, Men March to Merthyr, pp.118-119

Work to be resumed, p.120

Articles relating to colliery Accidents:

South Liberty Colliery Bristol, p.3

Terrible colliery accident Aberdare, p.5

Junction Dowlais Company Newport, p.5

Coal dust as a cause of explosions. Government experiments in progress, p.14

Great Western Colliery Accident, appeal case 46, p.34

Great Western Colliery Accident, appeal case 46, p.46

Timsbury Colliery Explosion, p.87

Malago Explosion, p.91

Llanhillith Colliery, p.98

Pit flooded in Scotland, p.107

Articles relating to Colliery Development:

Rhymney Valley, p.3

Deep Navigation Company & Ocean Steam Coal Company Amalgamation Scheme, p.15

Tirpentwys Colliery, p.17

Colliery Enterprise in the Rhymney Valley, p.80

Dinas Main Coal Company, p.90

Discovery of coal in Alex Valley, p.113

Survey of Wales, p.117

Articles relating to Colliery failures and Liquidation:

Failure of a Colliery Proprietor, Mr A.R. Nicholas, p.4

Stoppage of a Colliery, Mynachdy, p.4

Leonard Boult & Co, Bristol, p.10

Affairs of George Simpson, p.14

Affairs of George Simpson, p.22

Affairs of George Simpson, p.22

Cardiff Bankruptcy Council, p.23

Wages Claim in the Rhondda, p.23

G.W Jones, Ingram & Co., p.44

London and South and South Wales Coal Co., p.45

Fry & Company, p.45

John H Hearsey, pp.54-55

J.H. Lloyd, p.55

Rudry Merthyr Colliery Company, p.70

G.H. Daniel, pp.90-99

E.C. Fry of Cardiff, p.117

Articles relating to Law Cases:

Swansea Harbour Trustees, p.108

D. Radford & Co v The Lewis Merthyr Navigation Colliery Co., p.108

Action against the Universal Coal Company, p.109

Rhondda Showman and the T.V.R. Co., p.110

Articles relating to Miscellaneous Things:

Cardiff Municipal Buildings, p.4

Heavy failure at Cardiff, George Hopkins, p.5

Cardiff Wales Supply, The Great Forest Commoners & The Corporation, p.12

Sir W. J. Lewis & Cardiff Corporation, p.14

Review of Arbitration Proceedings, p.14

The Royal Society, Principal Viriamu Jones proposed as fellow, p.15

New Public Buildings at Tredegar, p.16

Newport Liberal Association, p.16

Sir W. J. Lewis & Cardiff Corporation Arbitration Proceedings, p.16

New Waterworks for Pontypridd, p.17

National Provincial Bank Report of Directors, p.17

Sir W.J. Lewis & Cardiff Corporation, result of the arbitration, p.23

Welsh Land Commission. Sitting at Bridgend, p.25

Solberge Hall destroyed by fire, p.37

Welsh University Charter completed p.37

Postal facilities in South Wales, p.45

Monmouth chamber of agriculture, p.47

Brecon Town Council, p.48

Porth Intermediate School, p.49

Honour for Wales, p.49

Illness of Dean Vaughan, p.53

Cardiff Corporation Bill, p.53

National Bank of Wales, p.54

Testimonial to Mr J. Storrie, p.54

Cardiff Corporation and Brecknock Commoners, p.55

Sir George Elliot attacked at Whitby, p.56

Journalists Gathering at Cardiff, p.60

Corporation Water Bill, p.62

Lord Tredegar Wealth, p.62

Coal Consumption of Ocean Steamers, p.63

C. M. Warmington at New Tredegar, p.63

Maesteg Water Question and Miss Talbot, p.64

Firing Lord Tredegar Hay, p.64

Nomination of sheriffs, p.64

Llanbradach National School, p.66

Parish councils, p.67

Brewery Enterprise at Cardiff, p.67

Electric Lighting of Cardiff, p.68

Local legal successes, p.68

Liverpool solicitor sent to Penal Servitude, p.68

Bankruptcy Motion at Neath, p.68

Payment of Members of Parliament, p.69

Dilapidated Dwellings at Newport, p.70

Gelligaer Charity, p.72

Recreation Ground Tredegar, p.72

Leaseholders in Cardiff, Letter from Ivor Vachell, p.72

Cardiff Free Library, p.73

Glamorgan main roads, p.73

St James Church, Cardiff Memorial Brass, p.80

Allegations against a Cardiff solicitor, p.80

Police changes in the Rhondda, p.81

Servants Ball in Tredegar Park, p.82

Weiring of the Taff, p.83

Shorthand writers claim, p.84

Ordnance Survey Office, p.86

Appointment of Valuers of Glamorgan County Council, pp.89-98

Welsh Baptists, p.96

Thomas v Great Western Railway Co., p.97

Scarcity of water at Cardiff, p.98

Salary of Mr J. A. B. Williams, p.100

Gift to the Cardiff Free Library, p.101

Proposed enlargement of Canton Parish, p.101

Borough Rates, p.101

Substantial Profits Electric Lighting, p.101

Members of the New Parliament, p.103

Pontypridd Waterworks, p.105

Newport Mystery. Disappearance of a Relieving Officer, p.106

Amusing scene at Cardiff Sessions, p.106

Appointment of Water Engineer, Cardiff, p.108

Welsh Water Sheds, p.109

Claim against Esq Sir G Elliot, p.109

Curious facts about Stowaways, p.109

Copying process for circulars, p.110

Cardiff Council Labour Representation, p.110

Inspection of Taff Vawr Waterworks, p.111

Great Railway Race, p.112

Barry Island human remains unearthed, p.112

Poisoned by corned beef at Pontypridd, p.115

Missing Pilgrim to St Winifrides, p.115

Great Railway Race, p.116

Bylaws against Bad Language, p.119

Swindon Railway Station, p.[?]

Articles relating to Miscellaneous Accidents:

Collision in the Bristol Channel, p.14

Sir G Elliot’s Private Secretary Drowned, p.14

Train falls into a coal pit, p.82

Accident at Dowlais works, p.105

Articles relating to Docks & Railways:

Newport Alexandra Dock Expansion, pp.17-18

Newport Docks & Great Western Railway, p.43

Interview with Harbour Trust for Cardiff, p.45

Lord Tredegar Solicitors, p.45

Penarth Dock Shipments, p.46

Alexandra Dock (Chairman), p.50

New Barry Line, Cardiff, p.51

East Glamorgan Railway, p.54

Newport Harbour Commissioners, p.59

Newport Wharfs, p.61

Alexandra Dock Half Yearly Meeting, p.63

Great Western Railway, Improvements at Cardiff, p.67

Barry Railway Bill, p.72

Railway Rates, Manchester Ship Canal, p.72

Bute Docks Bill, Parliamentary Notice, p.74

Pontypridd, Caerphilly & Newport Railway, p.83

Alexandra Dock Co, Annual Meeting, p.92

Brecon & Merthyr Railway Co Meeting, p.113

Articles relating to Deaths:

J. Colquhoun, p.31

W. Simons, p.31

Miss Atkins, p.33

Earl of Bective, p.34

Sir George Elliot, p.35

G. J. Nettell (Swansea), p.37

T. Glasbrook, p.51

Joseph Tomlinson, p.53

Mr De Soldenhoff, p.57

Mrs Kemeys Tynte, p.65

E. H. Watts, p.66

E.D. Williams, p.81

Daniel Jenkins, p.82

Alderman Hoskins, p.85

Henry Bennett Bedminster, p.89

John Rosset Brecon, p.90

Richard Porthcawl, p.98

J.M. Sims, p.99

Dr. Llewelyn (Caerphilly), p.111

Mr J. A. Herbert, p.114

John Horace Downs (New Tredegar), p.114

J. H Williams, Risca Colliery, pp.115, 117, 138

W Jones, Cyfartha, p.116

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