Lantern Slides Box 3

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Coloured and black and white slides originally held in a wooden Box labelled ‘Lecture Set No.2 The Sun and various Astronomical’ [unrelated to contents?]. Slides include:

1. No 32. Unlabelled - soldiers at foot of mountains - coloured

2. No 33. Unlabelled – soldiers marching through mountainside - coloured

3. No 2. ‘Afghanistan. Khyber Pass’ - coloured

4. No 14 ‘Afghanistan. Candahar' - coloured

5. No.115/6. Boats with steep mountain background. J H Steward 106 Strand London - coloured

6. No.131 Obelisk of Theodosius in the Atmeidan – coloured

7. ‘Underground Inn’. On rim ‘N 96’ - black & white

8. ‘Baskets for all!' N. China. Neg and Slide by E.E.Bryant Vol vi/809 - black & white

9. 'Boiling Water for all: at a Fair' N. China, 1931. Neg and slide by EE Bryant vol vi/24 - black & white

10. 'Country Travel, N. China, Midday at Inn'. From S S McCh Collection now E E Bryant’s - black & white

11. '?Tumtumu Running!'? Shows carved seats with cushions on wheeled base. Neg and Slide by E E Bryant vol vi/79 - black & white

12. ‘Tourist de Luxe’, Ts'angchow [man pushing boys on cart] Feb 1931. Neg and slide by E E Bryant Series IV ? No 1 - black & white

13. ‘Waiting to worship the City God' . Tsangchow. Chinese New Year. Neg and slide by EE Bryant (date obscured by tape). II/140 - black & white

14. ‘Old-fashioned punishment’, from SS McCh? Collection. No.25. E E Bryant’s. Along top edge ‘Punishment by Cangue') - black & white

15. ‘A Men’s Ward Triangchow Hospital: Practical Christianity’. Photo by E E Bryant. Slide by Hartung (II. CLXXXI) - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

16. Dr S.G. Peill Operating, Ts’angchow Hospital' N. China (Neg&Slide by EEB) - black & white

17. ‘A Country Harvest Festival Feast in a Country Carpenter’s Home: Chang Chu(a)ng', N. China. II.cclxix Photo by EE Bryant. Slide by Hartung - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

18. 'N. China. Grinding corn'. (from S.S. M's collection). E. E. Bryant. - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

19. 'L.M.S. Peking ? [caption unreadable - shows two donkey lead small covered carts with Chinese] - black & white

20. ‘Good Hunting! A Ts’angchow Professional Beggar at Work'. Photo by E E B (slide by Hartung) (II clxi) - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

21. 'S. Chwang 1918: Prophet’s Chamber' Ts‘angchow. Neg and slide by E E B - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

22. ‘China’s “Man with a Muck Rake”! Professional Beggar Ts'angchow' (TT 7160) Neg by EEB Slide by ?Hartung Peldrung (sic) - coloured

23. ‘Gentlemen gambling for Monkey Nuts at ferry Ts'angchow’ (TT/152) Neg by EEB. Slide by Hartung, Peking - coloured

24. ‘Incense seller at Temple of the City God (Ching Huang), Ts'angchow' (TT/36) Neg by EEB Slide by Hartung - coloured

25. Unlabelled. Man pulling a two-wheeled upholstered carriage. No 42 on rim - coloured

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