Lantern Slides Box 2

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Photographic glass slides, some of which appear to be hand-coloured, produced by E E Bryant. Originally held in a blue covered wooden slide box. Lid has a label which has been smudged by water with the handwritten name Ewen E Bryant and the date 1930. Slides include:

1. Ts’angchow Chariot at Inn (Nov 1923) at Old Tsang Chow, Mission Center behind. Neg & slide (1926) by E E Bryant (vol IV.39) - coloured

2. Ts’uli Chia K’ou Market Dec 16th 1932 tech info. Vol vi/134 Neg & slide by E E Bryant - black & white

3. Ts’angchow flood ‘Walking the Plank’, outside East Gate 1918 Sept. Negative and slide by E E B - black & white

4. Ts’angchow Riverside: Ts’ai Shuli K’ow June 1933 N China. Neg & Slide by E E Bryant vol vi - black & white

5. The original Peking Union Medical College as founded by Dir Cochrane & E J Peill? Of LMS (Dr S. S. MacFarlane’s Collection (now E.E. Bryant’s) ‘ Lockhart Memorial’ - black & white

6. Hong Kong University E.E.B - black & white

7. Bridge of Boats over Grand Canal, Tsangchow. Original by Miss Gibbon, slide by E E Bryant - black & white

8. Chinese Colporteur - black & white

9. Emperor [Puyi] as a boy on horseback - coloured

10. An emergency case at door of Ts’ang chow Hospital waiting room 1928 Neg & slide by E E Bryant - black & white

11. Dragon Dates Tree Ts’angchow LMS Compound (ii/151) Neg by EEB Slide by Hartung Peking - black & white

12. With a Fair Wind on Grand Canal by Ts’ang Chow. N. China (II/170) Neg by E.E.B slide by Hartung Peking - coloured

13. Nurse Christiansen & Dr J. Wright Ts’ang Chow Women’s Hospital N.China Neg & slide by E.E.Bryant - black & white

14. Eventide: Grand Canal Ts’angchow (Neg & slide by E.E.B) - black & white [slide cracked on corner]

15. Children of Lepers - black & white

16. ‘Just me’ N. China Neg by Dr Wheeler, slide by E.E.B - black & white

17. Group photograph unlabelled, mixed group of Europeans, Chinese and Indians Men and women. ? Hospital or Mission staff? [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

18. Mr Dseo & family. London Missionary Society - coloured

19. Musicians unlabelled - coloured

20. Chinese New Year 1920 Ts’ang chow N. China Neg & Slides by E E B (II/132) [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

21.Winter classes Ts’ang chow - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

22. Chinese New year Joys, N. China ‘Ta, t’ou wa-wa’ II cxxxiv Photo by EE Bryant slide by Hartung - black & white

23. New Year Joys. N. China Open Air Theatricals, Yunan (Neg & slide by E E B) - black & white

24. Blind singing for a living Ts’ang chow city II. Cxlii - black & white

25. The Grand Canal, Ts’ang chow, in flood Neg & slide by E E B (vol iv) 53 - coloured

26. ‘Examining out-patients’ WMSSD - black & white

27. Crock Seller at Yang ?chinchai N. China 1927’Both negative and Slide by E.E.Bryant, Tsangchow - coloured

28. N.China (River boat with Chinese – one standing, others sitting and holding ornate cups) -l abelling obscured by tape on slide - coloured

29. A breakdown, Ts’angchow L.M.S. Buggy. Neg ? & the impedimenta by …. E.E.Bryant?1927-8 - black & white

30. Water wheel….. Ts,angchow N. China 1928 Neg and slide by E.E.Bryant - black & white

31. ‘Yes, I can still wheel a barrow at 70!’ At Ts’uli ChiaK’ou N.China, (Ts’angchow) volvi/100 Neg and slide by E.E.Bryant - black & white

32. Ts’angchow Pedlar II/166 Neg by EEB Slide by Hartung - coloured

33. [Two men smoking opium?] Peking. No label ..G.Wood - black & white

34. Hong Kong Harbour -aerial view- coloured

35. Students Dining Room Morrison Hall - black & white

36. Hong Kong Public Gardens [view of buildings against mountain backdrop]

37. Morrison Hall Tennis Court - black & white

38. Temple Dumbell In Hong Kong. Photo self (sic) Slide by [unreadable] - black & white

39. Our City Chapel Water-seller. Ts’ang chow. N. China II CXXIX Photo (sic) by Bryant. Slide by Hartung Peking - coloured

40. Hongkong L.M.S. Hostel, Morrison Hall Students 1916-17 (From copy of large photo) Slide by E E Bryant - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

41. Morrison Hall ‘ Student Winners of Hongkong University Inter Hostel Sports, 1918 (Neg & Slide E.E.B’s) at London Mission Hostel - black & white [WITHDRAWN DUE TO DAMAGE]

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