Settlement in trust

Scope and Content


1. Charles Sonnibancke of New Windsor, Berks., DD, & Joane, his wife

2. Gregory Baker & Thomas Pierce both of New Windsor, gents [trustees]

Property: Messuages, farms, tithes, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Sotwell, Brightwell & Milton in Berks & Oxon: including messuage, farm or tenement and 3 yardlands in Sotwell, messuage, farm or tenement, 2 yardlands and tithes in Sotwell, 4 messuages or tenements and 1/2 yardland in Sotwell, and Phelps Upper House, Bryants Close and 35a. [listed in detail] in Little Milton

Comments: property in Brightwell & Sotwell to the use of 1 and Ann Gyles, their daughter, wife of Nathaniel Gyles, DD; property in Little Milton to the use of 1 & Elizabeth Sonnibancke, their daughter, then to Jane Hickmoate, their daughter, then to Ann Gyles