Lease (unexecuted)

Scope and Content

(i) William Henry Gladstone of Hawarden Castle, co Flint, esq, MP.

(ii) Henry Enfield Taylor of Chester, engineer, Thomas Henry Dixon of Chester, banker, and Arthur Channing Bicknell of Sandycroft, co Flint, engineer.

All mines of coal, ironstone and fireclay under lands of (i) in Bannel and Pentrobin, co Flint.

Plan in margin.

Term: 31 years.

Rent: £4 per acre of land occupied by (ii) + £500 dead rent + royalties of 1/12 on all cannel coal, 7d per ton of other coal, 1s per ton of oil shale, 9d per ton of ironstone and 6d per ton of fireclay.


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