Marriage Settlement

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(i) Honora Ravenscroft of Broadlane, co. Flint, spinster, one of the daughters of the late Thomas Ravenscroft of Broadlane, esq.

(ii) Sir William Glynn of Amersden, co. Oxford, Bart., Robert Davies of Gwysaney, co. Flint, esq., Thomas Lloyd of Gwernhaelod, co. Flint, esq., and John Lloyd of Pengwern, co. Flint, esq.

(iii) Harry Conway, esq., son and heir apparent of Sir John Conway of Bodrhyddan, co. Flint, Bart.

(iv) John Davies of Kingsland, co. Hereford, DD.

The capital messuage called Broadlane with its demesne and other lands and all (i)'s other messuages and lands in the parishes of Hawarden, Hope and Flint and in Higher Kinnerton, all co. Flint, including Jones's Tenement in Aston, Rowlands Tenement in Hope, Byrams Tenement in Higher Kinnerton, to (ii) upon trusts.

Rent roll annexed.

Consideration: intended marriage of (i) and (iii).


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