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Scope and Content

The largest constituents of the file are the series of correspondence with the Women's Freedom League, the Women's International League (British Section of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace) and Lady J. Georgina Wright.

The correspondence with the Women's International League includes their response to the Marie Stritt letter appealing for an ease of the Armistice blockade, a paper on the importance of deputations, resolutions passed in conjunction with the 1918 Executive elections and details of a conference to set a minimum Feminist Programme.

The correspondence with Lady Wright refers to her sponsorship of the supply of Jus Suffragii to the Women's Reading Rooms of Universities of the United Kingdom and her personal satisfaction that, now Jus Suffragii is no longer edited by Mary Sheepshanks, it is no longer full of "German propaganda".

There are also series of correspondence with: the Women's Industrial Council; the Women's Local Government Society; the Women's Municipal Society; and the Women's Service. Correspondence with the Women's Service includes a letter expressing Headquarters' fears that "[Marguerite de Witt de Schlumberger and Jane Brigode] intend to break up the I.W.S.A.".

There is a letter (filed under Walsh) to the Belgian Ambassador suggesting that Ellen Walsh should receive decoration from the Belgian Government for her part in the I.W.S.A. International Women's Relief Committee work with Belgian refugees in Holland with a copy of a letter to Millicent Garrett Fawcett (in French) from Jane Brigode, President of the Fédération Belge pour les Suffrage des Femmes and Second Corresponding Secretary of the I.W.S.A., on this same matter.

Other correspondents include: the Westminster Gazette; Williams, Lea and Company Limited, Printers;The New Crusader (see Wilson); the Association of Women Clerks; the Women's Hospital in South London; the Women's International Council of Socialist and Labour Organisations(British Section); the Women's Labour League (Central London Branch); the Women's National Committee to Secure State Purchase and Control of the Liquor Trade; the Woman's Outlook; the Women's Party; the Women's Police Service; the Women's Printing Society; the Women's Reform Club; the Workers Socialist Federation and the Workers Suffrage Federation; the World's Women's Temperance Union; the World's Young Women's Christian Association; and the Women's Work Sub-Committee of the Imperial War Museum.

There is some correspondence with Helen Ward (see also next File).

Language: includes 3 pieces in French.

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