File: Biographies

Scope and Content

The file consists of the biographies of persons with an influential or leadership role within the national societies affiliated to the I.W.S.A. and/or who were national delegates to the International Women's Suffrage Congress at Budapest [Hungary] in 1913. The Congress provided the impetus to compile at least some of the biographies included, although some of the material may have been collected by the Alliance as early as its first biennial congress in 1904, and information was added to the file as late as 1917.

The file begins with an index by country of 'Biographies, Autobiographies & Histories in Possession of the I.W.S.A.'. Each person in the index is allocated a number (1-62) and they appear in numerical order in the file. There are, in addition, biographies for a further 7 women and a flyer for the National Guild of Housecraft. The biographies are a mixture of manuscript, typescript and news cutting pieces.

The biographies are frequently written in a language other than that of the person described. The high proportion of biographical material in Hungarian is explained by the location of the Congress in Budapest.