File: Correspondence

Scope and Content

Correspondence and papers relating to various issues of pay and conditions in the cotton industry in the 1870s and 1880s. The file includes the following documents: "Calculations shewing difference in prices between Bolton Hand-mule list and Messrs. Shaw & Jardine, Butler Street Mills, Manchester" (1877); Memorandum of agreement between William Bamber, master cotton spinner [Waterloo Mill] and John Fielding, secretary of the Self-actor Minders' Association, on wages, (1877) "Proposed List for Hand Mules & S[elf]A[cting] Mules" n.d.; "Agreement re. gauge of spindles 1874"; "Proposals for List 1878", envelope containing one piece; "List of Prices Coarse Counts Gt Lever Mill 1881", envelope containing one piece; "Advance in wages", copy of letter from John Fielding to cotton employers concerning demand for advance in wages, 29 December 1879 "Tubing with Apparatus: Prices" (n.d.); "Table of speeds etc. 1879", envelope containing three pieces (1879?-1884); "Wages allowed when resetting" (1880); "Oakenbottoms Prices & Dispute" (1880); "Fine Counts Prices" (1881-1884); "Oldham List Calculations", envelope containing three pieces, (1882-1885); "Number of weavers in Bolton and classes of goods woven 1882"; Card Room operating wages"; "list of wages Park Mill, Walkden" (1883); "Production per spindle 40s T to 70s T. 1883", envelope containing two pieces; "Oldham List reduced and other matters", envelope containing four pieces (c.1885);" List of minimum wages and conditions" (March 1885); "amended list of minimum wages and conditions" 21 April 1885; paper relating to piecing list at J Fielding's Bolton mill, produced by Oldham Operative Spinners (1885); "Ring Frame Speeds of production" (1886); "Employers Proposals", papers concerning wage proposals (n.d.) "Return shewing the time allowed for cleaning on Saturdays by each firm in the district, Nov 2nd 1881" envelope containing 3 pieces; "Return shewing the number of pairs of mules working in the Bolton district, made Oct 6th 1881. Jno Fielding Genl. Sec." paper on tubing price cops (n.d)