Brymbo and Its Industries by Luther Griffith. 1958.

Scope and Content

includes the following illustrations:

1. Derelict canal above Llay Hall colliery. 1921.

2. William Rowe, 1798 -1860. n.d.

3. Section of coal strata in Brymbo. n.d. [c 1800].

4. Robert Roy. 1841.

5. Alexander Reid, 1793-1866. n.d.

6. William Henry Darby, 1819-1882. n.d.

7. View of the pipe-turning and boring yard, looking east. n.d. [pre1860].

8. Charles Edward Darby. n.d.

9. Furnace, and dustcatcher erected at Broughton as a coal hopper. n.d. [c.1907].

10. Group photograph, including Peter Williams, J H Darby and Alfred Darby. 1908.

11. Number 3 blast furnace. 1895.

12. General view. 1922.

13. Group photograph, office outing at Loggerheads. n.d. [c.1912].

14. American vertical blast furnace gas engines, Brymbo power house. n.d [c1900].

15. Temporary building for gas engines, demolished 1968. n.d. [c.1900].

16. Roof of Number 6 steel furnace. n.d. [c.1920].

17. German gas engine (Nurnberg) Brymbo power house. n.d. [c.1900].

18. Old blast pit headgears. n.d. [c.1895].

19. Number 4 furnace. n.d. [c.1907].

20. Test samples, welded and bent cold accros the weld. 1890.

21. General view. n.d. [c.1920].

22. Steam engine and wagons. n.d. [c.1900].

23. ‘The Steam Newy’ crane at Brymbo ironstone works. n.d [c.1900].

24. general view. n.d. [c.1920].

25. Duplicate of 14.

26. General view. n.d. [c.1920].

27. Vacat?

28. View of chimneys and steam engine. n.d. [c.1900].

29. View of furnaces. n.d. [c.1900].

30. View of dry blast plant. n.d. [c.1900].

31. View of steelworks after a wheel went through the roof. 1886.