File. Papers assembled by Anthony Thwaite as editor of Larkin at Sixty (London: Faber & Faber, 1981)

Scope and Content


a) General: invitations to prospective contributors

b) Correspondence with Faber & Faber regarding publication of the book. Includes copy of the publishing contract (1 February 1980)

c) Typescripts of the original contributions (mainly photocopies)

d) Page proofs (including illustrations)

e) Photograph of Richard Murphy, Douglas Dunn, Larkin and Ted Hughes (with compliments slip from Larkin)

f) Photograph of drawing of Larkin by Howard Morgan

g) Ts. of introduction, by Anthony Thwaite (4pp.)

h) Correspondence with Kingsley Amis (with typescript letters signed from Amis dated 23.1.80 and 23.1.81)

i) Correspondence with Alan Bennett (including handwritten letter signed 25.1.80; postcard 29.9.80; handwritten letter signed 31.10.81; handwritten letter signed 1.11.81), plus page proofs of final article

j) Correspondence with Sir John Betjeman (including typescript letter signed 29.10.80), plus ts. (photocopy) of original poem ('Archibald'), and page proof

k) Correspondence with Barry C. Bloomfield (including postcard typescript letter signed 22.1.80; typescript letter signed 1.2.80; typescript letter signed 9.7.80; 22.12.80; typescript letter signed 6.4.81; typescript letter signed 17.11.81, and page proof

l) Correspondence with Alan Brownjohn (typescript letters signed 19.12.80 and 9.11.81), and page proof

m) Correspondence with Harry Chambers (typescript letter signed 14.11.80; handwritten letter signed 29.12.80; typescript letter signed 12.4.81; typescript letter signed 12.11.81), and page proof

n) Correspondence with Robert Conquest (including typescript letter signed 1.2.80; postcard 27.10.80; typescript letter signed 8.1.81; postcard 12.2.81 (?); typescript letter signed 7.4.81; typescript letter signed 16.6.81; postcard 17.8.81; typescript letter signed 24.9.81), plus page proof and original typescript

o) Correspondence with Douglas Dunn (typescript letter signed 22.1.80; typescript letter signed 19.12.80; typescript letter signed 13.11.81), and page proof

p) Correspondence with Gavin Ewart (handwritten letters signed 28.2.80; n.d.), and page proof

q) Correspondence with John Gross (typescript letter signed 30.1.80; postcard n.d.), and page proof

r) Correspondence with George Hartley (typescript letters signed 3.81 and 21.5.81), and page proofs

s) Correspondence with Seamus Heaney (handwritten letters signed 1.5.80 and 19.2.81)

t) Correspondence with Noel Hughes (typescript letters signed 1.2.80; 19.1.81; 7.6.81; 3.11.81; handwritten letter signed 1.1.81; typescript letter signed NH to PAL 5.5.81; TL NH to PAL 18 .5.81), and page proof

u) Correspondence with Clive James (handwritten letter signed 13.5.82), with annotated draft typescripts (p/c)

v) Correspondence with Donald Mitchell (typescript letters signed 21.1.80; 27.10.80; 7.1.81; 4.11.81), and page proof

w) Correspondence with Charles Monteith (typescript letters signed 9.1.79; 19.12.79; 24.1.80; 19.2.80; 23.4.80; 8.5.80; 19.5.80; 29.1.81; 13.2.81; 24.2.81; 31.3.81; 19.6.81; 25.6.81; 15.7.81; 30.9.81; 22.2.82; 11.3.82), and page proof

x) Correspondence with Andrew Motion (handwritten letters signed 15.3.80; typescript letters signed 26.9.80 and 19.4.81; postcard 8.11.81), and page proof

y) Correspondence with Peter Porter (handwritten letters signed 28.2.81 and 31.3.81), and page proof, with typescript of 'Going to parties' (p/c)

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