Copy Deed Poll

Scope and Content


1) William Acton of Bridgenorth,

Shropshire, gent, administrator of

Dorothy Acton

2) Jemima Acton of Bridgenorth,

spinster, daughter of 1.

3) Maria Acton of Bridgenorth, spinster,

daughter of 1.


Ann Bishop, late of Ludlow, Shropshire,

widow, surrendered messuage called Water

Close in Wootton and messuage with

garden and orchard, close of pasture

called Rayle Close, certain parcels of

pasture called Brookside Close, meadow

called Stratford Bridge Close, premises

where surrendered to use of Ann Bishop

for life then to use of her brother

Thomas Acton, subject to payment by

Edward Acton after decease of Ann Bishop

of £400 equally to 3 daughters of

William Acton.

In consideration of a sum paid by Edward

Acton to 2. and 3. and sum paid to 1.,

1.-3. release Edward Acton from all

payments under Will.