Draft Statutory Receipt

Scope and Content


1) Charles Finch Farley, of 'Avonside', Barford, county of Warwick, captain in His Majesties Reserve of Officers

2) John Lawrence Joseph Round

3a) Gilbert Henry Claughton

3b) Rev. Newton Theodore Langley

4a) Sarah Ethel Round, of 25 York Gardens, Clifton, Bristol, widow

4b) Robert Ralph Coucher Yates, of West Bromwich, county of Stafford, solicitor

4c) Arthur Clare Huson, of Coleridge House, Eton, county of Buckingham, schoolmaster

Description: 1, now entitled to the benefit of a mortgage for £2000 dated 30/Mar/1905 made between 2 and 3a-b, confirms receipt of the sum of £4300 (principal money, with interest) from 4a-c, acting in their capacity as trustees of the will of 2.