Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

Letters from 1974, relating to: NCN's work on his autobiography [Wednesday early closing]; NCN's sale of the only surviving manuscript of one of his verse dramas to the Arts Council, which he hopes may pay for extras during his trip to Norway; reading engagements at Bowness Women's Luncheon Club, a summer school at Durham, Newcastle, and Stonyhurst College; a talk for the Women's Institute at Scales, Cumbria; NCN's sixtieth birthday; the Nicholsons' acquisition of a telephone; the 1974 general election (in which the Nicholsons' voted against [Conservative, Edward] Heath); a party attended in April to celebrate a new book by Irvine Hunt; a reading and interview NCN recorded for Carlisle Radio in the same month; a visit to Cornthwaite's new home [a caravan on a site in Carlisle] during April, when they took two trips into Scotland ("Europe's loveliest country"); Rodney Pybus, whose work NCN knows from Stand magazine; the lack of publicity surrounding NCN's and Seamus Heaney's receipt of the Cholmondeley Award in 1967; the Nicholsons' Norwegian holiday in June (which NCN describes in detail in letter /12); NCN's purchase of a new typewriter, which has a foreign keyboard to which he is trying to adapt; his purchase of a new type of hearing aid to replace his previous National Health model; and an offer of an honorary degree he has received in November.

DCN/1/5/10 is a fragment of a letter, but appears to date from roughly the same period as the letters which precede and follow it. /11 is a postcard written by Yvonne Nicholson, sent from the Nicholsons' Norwegian holiday.