Bundle of letters

Scope and Content

Letters dating from 1978, relating to: the Nicholsons' plans to visit Norway for a second time in June; a letter NCN has received from Charles Causley praising his work, which Causley feels should have received recognition much earlier; a MidNAG [Mid Northumberland Arts Group] exhibition about NCN and his work, which is being shown in various libraries around Cumbria; the death of Doreen Cornthwaite's mother in March; reading engagements at Liverpool - in the public library and a pub called The Why Not, and NCN's dissatisfaction with the latter reading, at which he refused to read his final poem because of excessive audience noise; further readings at Grasmere Church in July (at an even organized by Melvyn Bragg), Madeley College, Staffordshire (at an educational conference, where NCN met Ronald Blythe, author of Akenfield), Windermere in September, two readings in London during September, The Crown and Mitre pub during Carlisle Book Fair in October, Keswick Poetry Society in the same month, and at two colleges [in Liverpool] in November; plans for a Manchester reading in January 1979, where NCN intends to stay with his friend Alan Young, brother-in-law to Desmond Briscoe who produced the television programme about NCN's poetry, A wall walks slowly; the launch of NCN's The Lake District: an anthology in July, and a television interview to mark the event; plans for his poem 'August' to be read at Close-Down on BBC 2 [television] in September, and the handsome payments for poems read in this slot; plans for a friend of the writer Hunter Davies to come and photograph NCN for Davies's new book [A walk around the Lakes]; good reviews of Wednesday early closing in the Listener and Times Literary Supplement; the fitting of a new weather-proof window in NCN's attic bedroom, to which he hopes to return; and a repeat of the television programme about NCN, The whispering poet (originally made in 1972).

/15 is a holograph letter from NCN; /1, /3, /12 and /14 are letters from Yvonne Nicholson.