Papers relating to Norman Nicholson's death, funeral and memorial service

Scope and Content

This grouping of material primarily consists of letters sent to Doreen Cornthwaite in 1987 by various people connected with NCN. These include responses to hearing of his death on 30 May, and letters relating to his funeral on 5 June at St George's Church in Millom, and to the memorial service held at Carlisle Cathedral on 13 September; there are also some lists and papers relating to the memorial service. Contents are as follows:

  • /1 Letter from Rosemary and Eric [Joyce, NCN's sister-in-law and her husband]: a letter written during NCN's final illness, in which the Joyces report that they have been phoning the hospital every day to keep in touch with his progress (20 May 1987).
  • /2 Card from 'Heather' of YTV Film Library relating to Doreen's recent visit to YTV, and noting that she was saddened to hear the news of NCN (31 May [1987], misdated 1986).
  • /3 Letter from Peggy Troll, written in response to NCN's death (1 June 1987).
  • /4-5 Two letters from Bessie Schiff [schoolfriend of NCN], relating to: her final visit to see NCN shortly before his death; her response to his death; her regret at being unable to attend his funeral; and NCN's memorial service (1 June and 14 September 1987).
  • /6 Letter from Kathleen Rooney, expressing her sorrow at hearing of NCN's death (1 June 1987).
  • /7 Letter from Bill Rollinson, lecturer for North Lancashire and South Cumbria Department of Continuing Education (University of Liverpool), expressing his sorrow at hearing of NCN's death, and reminiscing about his friendship with NCN (3 June 1987).
  • /8 Letter from Sadie, a cousin of NCN's on his father's side, relating to plans to attend his memorial service (2 August [1987]).
  • /9 Letter from 'Jennifer', relating to the NCN memorial service which took place the previous day, and Doreen Cornthwaite's hard work and hospitality (14 September 1987).
  • /10 Letter from 'Elaine', who apologises for having had to miss NCN's memorial service [14 September 1987].
  • /11 Card from Ron [Barnes, friend of NCN], thanking Doreen Cornthwaite for her hospitality, and referring to a forthcoming article on NCN by Matt Simpson, to be published in October (15 September [1987]).
  • /12 Letter from The Revd. Canon R.J.W. Bevan, Canon Treasurer and Librarian at Carlisle, thanking Cornthwaite for a signed copy of NCN's poems, expressing his thoughts on NCN, and referring to the recent memorial service (18 September 1987).
  • /13 Letter from Alick [Cleaver], thanking Doreen for inviting him to NCN's memorial service, and expressing his admiration for NCN and his achievements (19 September 1987).
  • /14 Photocopy of a handwritten transcript of the prayers used at NCN's memorial service, adapted from Eric Milner-White's My God, my glory. In the hand of Bessy Schiff.
  • /15 Typescript and manuscript lists of names and addresses, apparently the people who were invited to NCN's memorial service.
  • /16 Order of service for NCN's memorial service at Carlisle Cathedral.

Access Information

The following items from DCN/6/1 are closed to readers: DCN/6/1/12, DCN/6/1/15, and the envelopes belonging with DCN/6/1/1, /3, and /8-11.