Grant (dated Sunday before St. Andrew the Apostle 11 Edw II)

Scope and Content


1. John Sewy, son and heir of Emma Sewy

of Oxford.

2. Richard of Gloucester of Oxford,


PROPERTY: A shop in Oxford St. Michael

at the Northgate, situated between a

shop of Alice, 1's sister, to the south,

and a tenement of John de Ew to the

north, which 1 inherited from his


COMMENTS: The deed and its seal are both

in good condition.

Given at Oxford.

WITNESSES: William de Burncester, Mayor

of Oxford, Richard Cary and Gilbert

Grenestede, Bailiffs of the same,

Richard de Berkele, Richard de Stanton,

Stephen de Adinton, Thomas le

Irnmongere, John de Aston, Clerk, and

unnamed others.


[Salter no. 25]